Our Work

See the positive impact we’ve had in Haiti!

Offering interim services

During the preliminary screenings of our most recent mobile preventive care service, we were able to screen and diagnose a number of chronic medical conditions and high-risk factors in Langloire, a village near Morne Coma. 

We empowered those on the verge of developing hypertension with preventative measures to incorporate into their daily life. We provided education and resources about dietary changes and stress reduction. We also encouraged exercising several days a week along with other interrelated steps, which have been shown to avoid full-blown hypertension in several studies. 

We will continue to host educational seminars in churches, flea markets and private homes.

Promoting preventative healthcare

We prioritize a proactive approach by teaching the basics of medical prevention such as:

  • Childhood immunizations
  • Frequent hand washing
  • Routine blood pressure screening 
  • Blood sugar control and monitoring
  • Screening for high cholesterol
  • Weight-watching
  • Smoking cessation along with advice and help to quit
  • Screening for alcohol misuse and short-term counselling on how to quit
  • Daily use of aspirin to prevent stroke, heart attack and peripheral arterial disease for those at moderate to high risk

Make your difference in Haiti

Haiti is one of the poorest nations in the world, and this medical corps intervention will help alleviate human suffering in the region. With your generous contributions (which are 100% tax-deductible), you are empowering HHH to promote preventive care in some of the most impoverished areas of Haiti.

We are incredibly grateful to you for your generous donation to our organization.