Our Plans

See our future plans for healthcare in Haiti!

Future Clinic Location

Our Clinic

Once the Morne Coma Medical Center is built, it will be open on all 7 days of the week to accommodate and offer primary and preventive care for Morne Coma citizens. The feedback we have received from locals about prospective clinic has been truly encouraging, and it continues to inspire us towards making it a reality.

“Knowing that there will be a reliable, permanent clinic nearby is very comforting… (Lew nou malad, nou pa bezwen al kote lwen)” Sonson Jeanty, a resident of Morne Coma

There will also be a small pharmacy inside the clinic, stocked with commonly prescribed medications for conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol and arthritis. In the future, we plan to partner with other medical specialists who offer their time and expertise for the better care of local residents.

Our Mission

Our vision is to improve the health and quality of life of Haitian people throughout their lifespan by providing accessible medical care and promoting agriculture for a healthier lifestyle.

Make your difference in Haiti

Haiti is one of the poorest nations in the world, and this medical corps intervention will help alleviate human suffering in the region. With your generous contributions (which are 100% tax-deductible), you are empowering HHH to promote preventive care in some of the most impoverished areas of Haiti.

We are incredibly grateful to you for your generous donation to our organization.